Monthly Archives: April 2012

in which we begin

There are many things in life that I am not good at. Apparently one of them is writing the first entry of a blog, because it has taken me – one very rarely lost for words – nearly twenty minutes of staring at an empty screen desperately hoping to be slapped across the face by inspiration before I started typing1.

Which begs the question….what does one write in the first post of a blog?

Introductions seem appropriate, but also boring.

Hi. My name is Mackenzi. What’s yours?

See? Boring. And I’ve spent the weeks since school ended being bored – too long to abide any boredom on my blog.

There are multiple reasons that I have decided to begin inflicting my opinions upon the world via blog. First and foremost is that my life is about to take a great shift in the direction of growing up. Tomorrow – as Delta kindly reminded me with several emails – I am moving to Chicago to spend the summer working for NPR’s oddly informative quiz show, “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me2.” Then after three months in Chicago, any shreds of normality I was clinging to will be again be snatched from me, as I am moving to Boston to begin a master’s degree in writing for children and young adults, which promises to be the first step on the road towards a glamorous and lucrative career as a children’s author3.

So. My world is changing in a lot of big ways. I suppose I’m blogging partially because I genuinely enjoy blogging and writing and telling stories in all forms, partially because I anticipate having an abundance of stories worth sharing and things worth saying as I begin to experience real life, and partially because there’s nothing I enjoy more than talking about myself4.

So. Here’s looking forward to our time spent together on the tubes, and here’s hoping the things I say are interesting enough that you will return for more.

Welcome aboard.

  1. Well, staring at the screen and playing minesweeper
  2. For more information about awesomeness of that variety, please visit I haven’t the attention span to explain it myself.
  3. Though, as my sister, the MT, did kindly point out, “I bet Suzanne Collins has paid off all her student loans.”
  4. Sarcasm. Though narcissistic, I typically try not to take it quite to this extreme.