in which I reappear


Oh hello, I didn’t see you there1.

You thought you had gotten rid of me, didn’t you? No more Chicago, no more NPR, no more blog obviously. Fair assumption, friends. But I, much like Sherlock Holmes2 after his fall from the Reichenbach, when all thought he was dead and defeated, have returned to share my skills of observation and recording with the world yet again.

I stopped blogging for a few weeks because, after leaving Chicago, I spent a few uneventful weeks in Salt Lake City hanging with the fam. Which really does not make for exciting blog stories. Sure, I could have written about a super fantastic awesome week we spent at the Utah Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City. Or the Iron & Wine concert that the MT begrudgingly attended with me. I could tell you about the Timpanogous Storytelling Festival, or about posing as a model3 for the Utah Watercolor Society, or about the traditional week before school starts farmers marketing and henna tattooing with 14.

Okay, so life really hasn’t been boring for three weeks. But it definitely hasn’t been Chicago-exciting.

But something is happening today. As Delta just kindly reminded me with a slew of emails, I am flying out for Boston tonight4. Meaning my life is currently condensed and contained in two overweight suitcases that I am trying to desperately reduce the weight of before the airline guy calls me on it.

Tonight, life in Boston begins. Meaning that the blog begins again. I don’t think I’ll be posting as frequently as I did in Chicago, since my real life is going to involve a lot of reading and writing as it is. But I hope you all will continue to join me on this weird next chapter of my life that is grad school and the east coast. 


  1. And, in fairness, after this long absence, you probably didn’t notice me either.
  2. Full disclosure, I am in full Sherlock Holmes obsession mode right now. It started with just the BBC TV program. Then expanded to include every Sherlock Holmes movie ever. Then the first American TV series. Also “Great Mouse Detective,” the greatest of all Sherlock adaptations. And now I am obsessively reading the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories. I am currently reading both The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Return of Sherlock Holmes.  So full disclosure, Sherlock Holmes references are all I got right now. And it will probably get worse when “Elementary” starts in a few weeks.
  3. Not nude.
  4. Okay, my flight leaves at midnight so I’m leaving borderline tomorrow. But it still counts as today.
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3 thoughts on “in which I reappear

  1. Paige says:

    Love your blog. Excited to hear about your adventures in Boston!

  2. lifeoblog says:

    Sherlock is probably the best series ever to hit the planet. I’ve not got very high expectations for Elementary but I’m willing to give it a chance… (Oh and having recently discovered your blog I look forward to your posts from Boston!).

    • MackenziLee says:

      Oh gosh soulmates! I feel exactly the same way – Sherlock is the pinnacle of perfect TV, and while I will watch and support Elementary because I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes in any form, I’m not holding my breath for the sort of genius coming out of the UK at this moment. Thanks for reading! Hopefully I have good stories to tell :)

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