in which I join the ranks of the employed

Guess what? I got a job. Actually, I got three jobs1. But I can only work one of them.

So I got a job!

Which is a relief. Grad school puts one in the very difficult position of desperately needing money to support oneself, but having not free time in which this money can be earned, and usually very few skills relevant to the sort of job they do have time to do. When I first started applying for jobs here in Lexington/Boston, I thought I was unemployable. Mostly because my work experience fit in a weird grey area typical of the post-college grad. I was under qualified for most real, 9-5 professional positions, but I simultaneously had no relevant experience that would make me a passable barista or waitress2. I felt myself under and over and not at all qualified all at once.

And yet yesterday, I still found myself in the awesome position of choosing between jobs. Let me tell you friends, there is no more empowering feeling. After interviewing and sweating and working so hard to make them like you, suddenly you’re the one that everybody wants. To quote Moriarty….actually no. Not going to quote Moriarty, because he’s a creeper, and this is a happy place3. It is very empowering, and good for a little confidence boost.

In the end, there really was no question in which job was best for me, so next Wednesday I begin work as a writer for the MIT communications department in the office of the dean for student life4. Basically, I’m writing about life at MIT and then somebody publishes it online and emails it out to all the alumni and students.

You may be saying to yourself, “But Mackenzi Lee, you don’t go to MIT!” That is true. I do not. I simply work for them now. Don’t let it confuse you – Simmons is still the superior college in every sense.

Except the Pepsi. I still can’t get over that.

  1. Not to rub that in the face of unemployed America or anything.
  2. Starbucks clearly did not know what to make of Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! on my resume
  3. ….okay, the Moriarty quote I was going to use was, “Suddenly, I’m Mr. Sex.” ….yeah, that’s creepy, not going to use that.
  4. Wow, you gotta take a nap in the middle of saying that.
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