in which I get books signed

I haven’t been a great blogger recently. You may or may not have noticed.

The hard truth of the matter is that all I do is write anymore. I write for work. I write for school. I write for fun. So when I finally have a spare moment to myself to just unwind, the absolutely last thing I want to do is more writing. Even if it is fun writing for the blog.

But anyways, that’s my explanation for my dwindling posts. I think this once or twice a week thing is going to become the status quo rather than the once or twice a day like it was this past summer1.

So now that we’ve talked about writing, let’s talk about the second thing I do: reading.

As previously discussed, I read a lot of books. The only number that rivals the amount of books I read is the amount of books I buy. Really, I have a problem. My problem stems primarily from the fact that I love going to see authors speak, and I love going to the book signings that follow them. Mostly because authors are my rockstars, and everybody loves meeting rockstars.

Boston is totally boss when it comes to hosting author events. I’ve gotten to meet some awesome people since I arrived.

Observe, a photo montage for emphasis.

Terry Pratchett…


Shannon Hale and Avi…


Maggie Steivater…


Lemony Snicket…


Maureen Johson and Robin Wasserman…


Michael Chabon…


Libba Bray…


Really, the awesomeness is overwhelming2. Also pardon my hair in….well, all these photos.

My collection of signed books accumulated since my arrival is both alarming and comical. I think it may have to do with the fact that when I first arrived in Boston, I didn’t have any friends. I felt very lonely, and, as I am anti-social by nature, I didn’t think I was going to make friends quickly. So I overcompensated by buying myself friends – books! Books are awesome friends. They make you laugh, let you cry on their shoulder, they tell great stories, they go everywhere with you. They even listen to your problems, if you feel like telling a book your problems. Which, yeah, I’ve done. Sometimes I think if I had to pick between having books and having friends, I’d pick books3.

I am already known as a bit of a signed book hoarder among people in my program. And when other book people are telling you you have a problem, you know it’s really serious. When my friends asked me just how many books I’d gotten signed in Boston, I couldn’t count, so I decided to take an informational picture instead. Because a picture is worth the thousands of words that are contained within these signed books.

Observe, the glory of my signed books4:


And this isn’t actually even all of them. I forgot I have Fingerprints of You in my bag, because I’m currently in the middle of it.

But the point still stands; that, friends, is a lot of books.

I came to Boston with one box full of books that barely filled up a shelf and a half. I was sort of depressed when I discovered this. It made me feel empty and alone. Now I no longer have enough shelf space to contain my books. Lucky I’m moving next week5.


  1. I exaggerate. But not by much.
  2. If you do not know who these people are, go immediately to your local library and put them all on hold…I mean their books on hold, not actually them. Though if you find a way to reserve Lemony Snicket, let me know. I’d love to just carry him around in my pocket saying hilarious things for two weeks with the option to renew, so long as there weren’t too many holds.
  3. So long as I could keep a few actual friends around. Because there are a few things books can’t give you…can’t think of any, but I’m sure there’s a reason it’s more acceptable to hang out with people instead of books.
  4. And their best friend, my second great love, diet coke. I thought about sticking my copy of either Jane Eyre or Crime and Punishment in here just to see if anyone called me on it.
  5. To be continued….
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