in which I make good use of my local library

Today, I learned a lesson the hard way, and that lesson is this:

There is such a thing as too many books.

So back in my home turf of Salt Lake City, there is a limit to how many books you are allowed to put on hold at the library, and that limit is ten. A totally reasonable amount. Brookline, apparently, does not have these same restrictions. I discovered this when I got an email from the Brookline Library the other day with the subject line “You have 25 books waiting for pick up.”

Twenty five? I thought. There’s no way.

But I checked my online account, and it was confirmed. It would appear that i have been blissfully putting books on hold for the past few weeks without thinking and then they all came in AT THE SAME TIME!

Now if I were in Salt Lake, the easy solution would be to just check out the books I really wanted/needed, then ignore the books I didn’t want/need, wait the week until they were re-shelved, then proceed with my usual library check out-ness as per ush. But the Brookline Library also charges you for any books on hold that you don’t pick up within a week – $1 per books. This is another lesson I learned the heard way. But usually, when you have just one or two books you miss, it’s not a big deal. When you have 25 books, that’s like a week’s worth of diet coke money, and I am not about to sacrifice a week of diet coke for a bunch of books I did not pick up.

So I knew I needed to get me to a library and rescue my 25 books. But how to do that without a car, and without killing myself on the walk home. I was certainly not fit to carry 25 large books the five blocks to and from the library, even with the help of my Duluth Pack1 and my Newsies tote bag2. There has to be another way, I told myself.

Then I remembered something I had discovered last night while cleaning out the spare room in our apartment: it was a grocery cart, like the sort little old ladies use to get their produce home from the supermarket.

And, Matilda-style3, I made that cart my book cart.


I am pretty sure that a) I am a genius, b) I have a massive amount of reading to do before Christmas break4  and c) This is one of those really ridiculous posts where I think I am insanely clever and the rest of the right thinking world just goes, “Okay….so?” But really twenty-five books. Come on — THIS IS A GOOD STORY, OKAY!? A great story!

You know what else is a great story? The story of the time last Tuesday when I got to meet JJ Abrams, director/creator of “Lost” and “Super 8” and “Star Trek.” That was a good story….maybe I should have told that story instead of a story about me and my over-zealous library escapades….perhaps I need to rethink what I blog about….

look! It’s JJ Abrams, the only person in the world who understands the ending of “Lost”!


  1. Still the best purchase I’ve ever made.
  2. The second best purchase I’ve ever made.
  3. Ah nerds, you can’t really see the book wagon in this picture. But you get the point.Image
  4. On that note, I have had a slew of disappointing books recently! Anyone got any knock-your-socks-off good ones? Because I need a few…actually no, I don’t need anymore books right now. But soon I will. Very soon.
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2 thoughts on “in which I make good use of my local library

  1. heidikins says:

    Read “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand. If you don’t think it’s amazing, I really don’t know how we can be friends.


    • MackenziLee says:

      wow, that’s a lot of pressure Heidi…but I checked it out on goodreads and it sounds like my kind of thing, so I’m not too worried about the permanent detonation of our friendship :)

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