in which I leave on vacation

­­­­I had not truly experienced grad school until these past five days, which I have spent holed up in a friend’s apartment writing until my fingers bled and guzzling diet coke until my stomach ulcered. Paper after paper about book after book1. All so that tomorrow, I can gallivant off to Switzerland without looking back.

Why yes, that Switzerland.

A generous family friend is kindly taking me on a much needed post-first term of grad school excursion to Europe, where we shall work our way up the Rhine River, through France, Germany, and the Netherlands for two weeks, partaking in Christmas festivities and eating lots of delicious unhealthy food.

I just turned in my last paper, meaning there is only twenty-four hours standing between me and European bliss.

So you may not be hearing much from me in the next two weeks. First because my eyes are bleeding after staring at a computer screen for too long. Second because I can no longer think straight after the soul sucking papers I had to write2. Third because I will be in Europe, basking in the awesome.

To my friends who are students – enjoy your finals. To my friends who are not students – enjoy not having finals. I’ll see you all in a few weeks.

  1. Also a brief period where I had to write and illustrate my own picture book.
  2. I’m writing a Marxist critique of Stargirl. Yeah.
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