in which I dig myself out of a winter snow cave



Have you forgotten who I am!? If I had any readers to begin with, I’m certain I’ve lost them all for want of blogging during the long winter break. But if you are still out there, a hardy hello to you! I am still holed up in Salt Lake City for another week, where the weather is frosty, but the mountains are lovely and white, and from my current view, curled up in an easy chair and wrapped in my Doctor Who throw blanket1 with a diet coke2, I don’t mind the chill. Tonight, when I have to walk the dog, that will be another story, but for now, I am content.

This break has been….complicated. On one hand, I feel ungrateful saying that this break has been anything less than perfect, because it is true that I spent the first two weeks of it living in luxury along the banks of the Rhine River. My Europe trip was nothing short of extraordinary, and while it was definitely the sort of awesome that should cancel out all sadness, it didn’t. Because while I did have so many awesome things happen to me in the four week period since my feet last graced Bostonian soil, I also had several of the worst days of my entire life. I faced a mammoth disappointment, let go of someone really important to me, and found myself having to face the painful fact that I’ve spent a massively long time waiting for something that, it turns out, isn’t going to happen3. So in some ways, this was not the break I anticipated. I didn’t know that so much awesome could be followed so closely by so much heartache.

But I digress.

Over all, I have had a satisfactory winter excursion to the land of the Mormons. I have skied. I have socialized. I have eaten more than I should have, perpetually vowed to start eating better tomorrow, watched more than my fair share of both Sherlock and Downton Abbey. I have frequented Café Rio, my favorite Utah-only restaurant. I have read all the books I didn’t have time to during the semester. I have written less than I should have, slept more than I meant to, and almost completely neglected the work I swore to myself I would finish4 over the break.

I will be back in Boston in seven days. Until then, I am going to do my best to get my brain back in gear, and get my blogging back up to snuff. Expect Europe pictures soon. I know you’re all holding your breath until then5.


  1. The best Christmas present I received, compliments of my friend Sondheim
  2. BRB, gotta go get another diet coke.
  3. How’s that for vague and intriguing non-details for you?
  4. Or actually start.
  5. All two of you.
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