in which a holiday is observed

Today is March 2. For completely arbitrary reasons, March 2 is my favorite day of the year.

Alright, not totally arbitrary. The story of my love affair with March 2 goes back to elementary school. This is going to be a big clue as to my real age, but I was in sixth grade when the first Lord of the Rings movie came out. My friends and I were all obsessed with it. I was obsessed with it, even though I had oppressive parents who would not let me see it. But I basically knew what happened. I had read the books. And all my friends filled me in on what they looked like.

For Christmas that year, my parents gave me a day-to-day calendar with a different still photo from The Fellowship of the Ring each day, as sort of an olive  branch for barring me from seeing the actual film. I was the envy of the schoolyard playground with that1.

The favorite things among my friends and I became seeing what picture was on your birthday. That was somehow telling of your character and your future, like a Tolkien tarot card. My birthday was, of course, a gross picture of an Orc being birthed out of the mud of Mordor. I guess the manufacturers didn’t feel comfortable putting some cute picture of Hobbiton on September 11. But one of my best friends at the time had her birthday on March 2. So we flipped to that day in the calendar, and it was a picture of Pippin looking delightful and happy. Really, the only happy picture from a pretty heavy movie. And so March 2 became known as Happy Pippin Day. And every day of the year, when March 2 rolls around, I immediately think of my Lord of the Rings calendar and Happy Pippin.

So Happy Happy Pippin Day!


this was not *the* image, but it’s close.

This week was a really weird week for me. And not weird in a good way. So when I woke up this morning and realized it was Happy Pippin Day, I wasn’t sure how my favorite day of the year was going to turn out.

But today was unexpectedly awesome. A great way to end a really mediocre week. I actually woke up and did some writing in the morning, which has been hard for me for the past few days. I’ve been stuck in a rut where I couldn’t string two words together to save my life. Post-awesome writing2, my friend The Shark3 and I went to the book launch of my favorite Simmons professor. We then went to Harvard Square, where the Curious George Store, aka my favorite store in Boston, had a sale with lots of hardback books for $3. Loaded up on that. Then I accompanied The Shark to get her brand-new tattoo! It was very exciting, and she now has a lovely sunflower illustration from a Kevin Henkes picture book on her wrist. Then we headed over to the Old State House to see the Boston Massacre! Yes, you did hear that right. We watched the Boston Massacre. Okay, I admit, it may have been a reenactment. But it was undeniably awesome. We got to yell abuse at the red coats and watch people shoot each other. I really enjoy any event where I am encouraged to shout things like “Tar and Feather him4!” at the soldier who very strongly resembled Benedict Cumberbatch. And then we ended with dinner at Quincy Market.

And with that, Happy Pippin Day came to an awesome conclusion.

  1. Ah if only that were true.
  2. Accompanied by awesome French onion soup, which is my new favorite kind of soup.
  3. Known as such for many reasons that cannot be discussed here, but primarily so because she works at the front desk at Simmons College, and since we are the Simmons Sharks, she is the face of Simmons College. i.e. she is the shark.
  4. Also, apparently shouting “Lobsters!” at the British was a thing.
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