in which I complete the first half of my degree

As of yesterday, I have completed my second semester of grad school.

I turned in my last paper. Gave my last presentation. And walked out of Simmons College half a master.

I feel like this:



happy giff


I thought about crunching the numbers and doing some big final wrap up of how many books I read, how many papers I wrote, how many pens I chewed to pieces over the course of the year.

But after all those books, papers, and pens, I am understandably burnt out.

So no to the number crunching. Just me saying that I have completed my first year of grad school, and I am now going to take a well-deserved few days to read whatever I want1, watch some TV, and eat celebratory frozen yogurt2.

Here’s me saying I am done. And I promise I will be more interesting when the blisters on my fingers from excessive typing heal.

  1. Speaking of books I’m reading, I just finished the Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld and OH MY GOSH I AM OBSESSED. They are outstanding pieces of fiction with one of the greatest heroines in YA and one of the most engaging and creative premises of all time. READ THEM.
  2. I had a cold this week—my first cold in three years. Fortunately it was extremely mild, but I did end up with a nasty sore throat for the last three days. This has resulted in me making five trips to the frozen yogurt shop across the street from my house in the last three days. And the same clerk has been working every time. He finally asked me if I wanted a frequent buyer card. I said no and ran away.
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