in which I adopt a plant

Today was plant day at the Church Office Building. They apparently take the whole “going green” thing really literally here, because on the third Wednesday of every month, anyone can go down to the floral department in the basement and adopt a plant.

Really. It’s called plant adoption.

So naturally, I went, because I’m always up for doing weird things that will someday make a good story. And as a result, I am now the proud parent of this little guy.


Aw. Iddin he cute? He is tall and crazy, so he suits me.

His name is Mycroft. I’m going to feed him and water him1 and love him and he will live forever2. It has only been five hours, and I am already very attached to Mycroft. But I get attached to things really easily. Far more easily than I get attached to people.

I am a week and two days into my employment with the LDS Church. And so far, I really could not be happier. This is basically my dream job, and I enjoy immensely every task that has been thrown at me3. Working here has only served to further emphasize just how much I love children’s literature, and how passionate I am about writing for children.

One of my many assignments today was to go through the September issue of the magazine and change the names of any protagonists with overused or boring names4. Easy peasy, I thought, but as soon as I tried to think of names, my mind immediately went totally blank. Because that’s the way the world works. The same thing happens when someone asks me my favorite book, and I immediately forget every book I’ve ever read. So I turned for inspiration to the facebook. I logged on, wrote down the first names of about six friends who had recently posted, and turned it in.

I am certain this will not be an isolated incident. Meaning over the next year, many of you who are friends with me on the facebook may be featured5 in a Mormon children’s magazine. Pays to have friends in moderately high-ish places, doesn’t it?

On that note, if you have any stories from your childhood that you think would make a great story for The Friend, please send them my way! I’d also love any stories from your family history. I have made my project here to put more stories in the Friend that are historical in nature but NOT about pioneers. There are too many of those, and they make those of us without pioneer ancestors feel left out. So if your grandparents handed out Book of Mormons to Nazis or something equally as exciting, please feel free to share!


  1. I have to put him right by my computer screen, where I will see him everyday, or else I guarantee I will forget.
  2. Plant resurrection! It’s a thing!
  3. Today I wrote a poem about Jesus. And enjoyed it immensely.
  4. Or what one of my editors lovingly called “Mormon Belt Names.” Because we’re going for diversity here.
  5. Albeit in an obscure, roundabout way.
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2 thoughts on “in which I adopt a plant

  1. Congrats on the new job! It’s so nice to have a job you actually enjoy – good luck with it! And yes, your plant looks adorable. ;) My in-laws helped us set up a garden last year and then lovingly referred to it as their grandplants…they’ve been not so casually asking us when we’re going to have children for years and I think that was their way of hinting at it again. ;)

    Oh, and congrats on making it to the next round of the Writer’s Voice! Go TeamKrista!!!

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