in which I am Iron Man

So Saturday was Father’s Day. Happy belated.

This year, the MT and I teamed up to get my father the single greatest Father’s Day gift of all time. After recently seeing Iron Man 1, 2, and 3, he has been constantly telling us that his new goal in life is to be Tony Stark. So we decided to make that dream happen.


The rest of the suit will be next year’s present.

Also it shoots things. And makes noises like Jarvis. It is amazing. And also made for 8 to 10 year olds.


Since the purchase of this mask, there hasn’t been a moment that one of us wasn’t wearing it. We have discovered that it makes even the most mundane, everyday activities totally epic. The Iron Man mask can be worn while doing anything.



Playing the piano…



Cleaning up after cooking…


You can even blow dry your hair rather effectively while wearing it.


It is handy for work….


Or leisure…


Bonus: The dogs loves it.


That last one might be a lie.

We also took it on a jaunt up the canyon and discovered it is equally useful up there.


And while hiking, you can wear it backwards on your head to get the Quirrel/Voldemort look. And then you will freak out the other hikers even more than before.


Happy (belated) Father’s Day. From the Stark Family to yours.

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