in which a portrait is painted

Right now there is a great thing going on in Boston called We Art Boston. It is a coming together of a bunch of amazing picture book illustrators to raise money for the Children’s Hospital.

I am all in favor of helping hospitals and children, but mostly I’m in this because OMG PICTURE BOOK ILLUSTRATORS!!!!!

The latest in a series of events happened yesterday at Porter Square Books. The general public of Boston was invited to bring their children and their children’s favorite stuffed animals to the bookstore, where those stuffed animals could be sketched as a memento of childhood to be treasured for years to come.

I have no children, but I am in possession of a once-white-now-dingy-brown stuffed Snoopy, affectionately named Noopy, that I purchased at the Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, California many years ago1. Noopy has gone all over the world with me. I love him very much, and have cried many tears and spilled much Diet Coke into his fur2. He’s a little worse for wear after so many years of love and adventuring, but more than worthy of a portrait commemorating our time together. So yesterday, I took him on the train with me to Porter Square Books, and had his portrait sketched by Barbara McClintok, author of Adele and Simon, among other adorable picture books.


 photo courtesy of Porter Square Books


Isn’t he a beautiful boy? And the portrait itself is very Ernest Shepard, don’t you think?

It was one of the most fun things ever, and fun to see all the kids coming out with their beloved animals3. Noopy is very pleased with his portrait4, and so I am. It shall be prominently displayed in my home5.


  1. Though it was after the age it was probably appropriate for me to still love stuffed animals that much.
  2. I was also once advised by the MT not to use him as a means for transporting drugs when I went to college. She clearly had a high moral opinion of me.
  3. And fun elbowing them out of the way for my turn.
  4. It made him feel like a Victorian gentleman to be sketched so.
  5. It should be noted I have no pictures of any members of my family or friends displayed in my apartment. But a portrait of my stuffed dog—you bet.
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One thought on “in which a portrait is painted

  1. Billy says:

    Does he only have one eye….like the Velvetteen Rabbit?

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