Project: Bookshelf with R.W. Keys

Welcome to PROJECT: BOOKSHELF, a continuing series in which Mackenzi Lee tries to read every book on her bookshelf in the course of a summer while friends, writers, and readers drop in to tell us about their respective shelves. This week, middle grade author and grilled cheese enthusiast R.W. Keys, who has written a lovely ode to her bookshelves. 

But first, thank you to everyone who entered the Something Strange and Deadly/Heir of Fire giveaway! Winners will be announced on Monday, so check back then! 

And now, let’s take a look at my reading wrap-up.

This week, from my collection of unread books on my shelf, I read…


…okay, this is actually a lie. I didn’t read any books from my shelf this week because I ended up getting a few ARCs I needed to read for various reasons, plus some library books I ended up moving up my TBR list, so Project: Bookshelf got put on hold this week. Next week I will do better, I swear to it! 

And now, a love poem from R.W. to her bookshelves…

A Love Poem
By R.W. Keys
Fluttering pages, leather binding,
Dusted letters, fingers finding,
Sheets cut, words bound,
Wonder lost, stories found,
Giants of wood, standing tall,
Curious cases by the wall,
Shelves of oak, back to back,
Book to book, stack to stack,
Chapters beckon, dare not hide,
Dive-in, deep breath, jump inside…
Tickle a dragon,
Brew a potion,
Hoist a wagon,
Sail an ocean,
Cuddle a daemon,
Sing with a siren,
Duel with a mouse
Roar like a lion,
Chase a rabbit,
Sip some tea,
Uncover a body,
Solve a mystery,
Frolic in a secret garden,
Escape the king,
Secure a pardon,
Study with monks,
Tend fields of stone,
Dance with drunks,
Build a clone,
Train a prince,
Chase the undead,
Fall down rabbit holes,
Start a voyage,
Fight a ninja,
Travel through time,
Surf a volcano,
Commit a crime,
Trudge through deserts,
Hike snowy peaks,
Wear hooped skirts,
Dine with freaks,
Study the stars,
Discover the past,
Zoom past Mars,
Hold on fast,
Sizzle, zing, boom, pop,
Like summer fireworks,
Never stop…
To live,
To love,
To breathe,
To read,
Open a book
And the
Mind is freed.
2013-10-21 08.35.04R.W. Keys writes middle grade fantasy and science fiction novels. You can follow her escapades on Twitter at
Thanks for tuning in! Join us next Friday for more Project: Bookshelf.  Can’t wait that long? Visit the Project: Bookshelf archive.

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