contact mackenzi lee

Mackenzi Lee would probably love to hear from you1.

You can visit her on her website, which has a lot of cool industrial pictures.

You can email her at themackenzilee(at)

You can follow her on the twitter @themackenzilee (she might even follow you back).

You can find her on the goodreads, which is great because she has more books than friends.

You can also find her on the pinterest, where she sometimes pins things about her writing. but mostly it’s Sherlock pictures.

You can like her on facebook, which she posts on infrequently and unannoyingly.


  1. unless you are a death eater or anyone responsible for cancelling firefly. in that case, she doesn’t want to hear it.

3 thoughts on “contact mackenzi lee

  1. The new website looks great! I think I have the perfect solution to Author Photo Syndrome: don’t use one. I don’t plan on it. Unless they make me!

  2. Magna says:

    Those reviews are marvelous, fantastic, or as you young folks say…AWESOME

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