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in which the winners of This Monstrous Coloring Contest are announced

Gather round my friends cause we’re gonna announce the winners of This Monstrous Coloring Contest!

First and foremost, thank you so much to everyone who entered! I am thrilled, amazed, flattered, etc. that so many of you broke out your coloring supplies for me, Victor, and the foclicking Creature. The decision was brutal–there truly was not an unexceptional entry in the bunch. My panel of judges and I were considering making up special awards for each of you. You can view all the astounding entries on the dedicated Pinterest board here!

My panel of guest judges (which included an actual artist, an actual engineer, and an actual judge for the Utah State Fair, so she has previous experience) and I had a beast of a time choosing. In true Romantic fashion, we tore our hair with anguish. We collapsed onto our fainting couches from the strain. The smelling salts had to be fetched. But we, unanimously, decided upon a winner.

And now, without further ado. The winners.

But know you are all winners in my heart.

Our two runners up, who will be receiving This Monstrous Thing swag and a copy of the Color Your Own Graphic Novel Frankenstein, are….


Enby Enjorals, in an entry we nicknamed “Psychedelic Seussian Frankenstein” 

Gwen Katz

Gwen Katz, in an entry we nicknamed “Frankenbowie” 

And the grand prize winner, who will be receiving an ARC of This Monstrous Thing (signed), a copy of Frankenstein (not signed), a copy of the Color Your Own Graphic Novel Frankenstein, and extensive swag is….


Ellie M, in an entry we nicknamed “No, I must dance!”-enstein.  

Thank you to everyone who entered! I really can’t say that enough. If you entered, I would love to send you postcards and bookmarks as a sign of my eternal appreciation. If this is a thing that interests you, please email me your mailing address at themackenzilee[at]gmail

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in which the THIS MONSTROUS COLORING CONTEST is announced

A few weeks ago, I made an acquisition.

color your own

The Color Your Own Graphic Novel version of Frankenstein, adapted and illustrated by John Green. No, not that John Green. Though that would be awesome.

I must do something awesome with this, I thought. And then I looked at the stack of This Monstrous Thing ARCs on my desk.

And an evil plan began to take shape in my mind.

Friends, This Monstrous Thing drops in almost exactly two months. And I still have some advanced copies that I’d like to giveaway. Want to win one of these advanced copies? Now you can!


Here’s how to enter:

  1. Pick one (or both, if you’re ambitious) of the images from the Frankenstein graphic novel. You can find scans of them below, or on Pinterest, or on Twitter.
  2. Color them. With your markers. Or crayons. Or fingerpaints. Or on the computer. Extra points for creativity and TMT references and Frankenstein references and glitter and coloring outside the lines.
  3. Get your colored entry to me by August 1. You can do this many ways–Twitter, send it to me on Pinterest, Facebook, email it to me (themackenzilee(at)gmail(dot)com). Scan it, take a picture with your phone, take a picture of you with it, send it via owl–whatever floats your boat. If you mail me your hard copies, that would probably make my life and I will hang them on my wall.
  4. Wait anxiously for me and my panel of anonymous judges (probably myself and the MT) to make our selection of the winners.

The winner of the coloring contest will receive…

  • An ARC of THIS MONSTROUS THING, signed by the author. I have an in.
  • A copy of the Color Your Own Graphic Novel Frankenstein
  • A copy of Frankenstein. Not signed by the author. Sorry.
  • I will probably color a picture for you. Or draw you something. Whatever. It will be awesome.

Two runners up will receive….

  • A copy of the Color Your Own Graphic Novel Frankenstein


Here are the two images you can choose from. All images copyright 2010 by Dover Publications, image credit to John Green. No, not that John Green. Click for a larger version.

#1: Victor and the Creature in the lab as Victor beholds the accomplishment of his toils:

coloring contest-1-HQ

#2:(Sincerely my favorite thing anyone has ever drawn ever) The Creature frolicking through nature: 

Coloring contest 2 HQ

So that’s all you have to do–color! And you might win yourself some free books.

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