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in which dead authors meet

My friends tolerate me.

That’s really the best way to explain it.

I’m sure they must find at least a few redeeming qualities in me because they’ve stuck around this long, but if you hang out with me long enough, you will start to realize that I am that person who will interrupt a totally lovely and normal conversation with an out-of-the-blue phrase like, “Guys, we should take mushing lessons1!” And then they all sort of pat me on the head and say, “Yes, Mackenzi, that’s a great idea,” and then go back to their totally lovely and normal conversation.

So when I sent out an email a few weeks ago telling everyone that another friend and I were having a joint birthday party and I wanted them all to show up to my apartment dressed as a dead author so we could have a literary salon, I expected them all to say, “Bless your heart,” then show up with the food but not costumes, and definitely not be on board for the whole literary salon thing.

So imagine my surprise when a parade of my lovely friends arrived at my house dressed as dead authors and were totally game to play along with my weirdness. I was very pleased by this. I was even more pleased when David Foster Wallace and JK Rowling2  discovered they went to the same elementary school3.

Lately I’ve been feeling like everyone is leaving me and I’ve been sort of glum about this. Most of my friends stem from my MFA program and since most of us have graduated, people have begun to disperse across the country to start their respective lives post Simmons. But having a night of hanging out with people who both tolerate my crazy and embrace it because they apparently sort of like me made me sad and happy all over again. I’m so glad to have had a group of people in my life who will show up to my house dressed like Jane Austen and Edward Gorey just to humor me, even if they inevitably abandon me for their respective lives. I will try not to hold that against them.

  1. This is a real thing. I am still on a campaign to get someone to take mushing lessons with me so I can fulfill a lifelong dream of being a musher in a dog sled race.
  2. Who is not dead, but we made an exception because my friend’s boyfriend looked so smashing in Marx’s wizard robes.
  3. Where they did a lot of flu powder
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in which I sign off for a time

Hello friends and mortal enemies alike.

First of all, can we talk about the new blog banner? I’m kind of in love with it. It was done by my lovely sister, the MT, and if you like it and/or want one of your own, you can like her page on the Facebook. She really captured my essence, don’t you think? Thoughtful with a hint of conniving. She even gave me Azula eyebrows. Love.

Anyways, to business. Things have been rather grand at Chateau de Lee lately. Grand, but busy, and not conducive to blogging. Some happenings of late:

My friend Rose Tyler and I stayed a week in a lighthouse on an uninhabited island off the coast of Maine1. Marx and I bought not-so-spontaneous airline tickets to Switzerland for October. My new trivia team, Kiss Me Hardy, did moderately well last Monday. I found out I will be teaching a fiction workshop in the fall. Been reading lots, both in and out of work. Trying to maybe whip the tulip novel into something book shaped. Eating a lot of frozen yogurt now that the frozen yogurt shop across the street from me has reopened. Got new glasses. And a new coat. Which I can’t wear yet, because summer.

And then yesterday in the mail, I got a lovely package from my editor at HarperCollins containing my red-lined manuscript and essentially my last chance to make any big changes to my book before it is out of my hands. It makes me want to scream and cry and laugh all at the same time. Scraugh?

So from now until September second, my life belongs to this book and not to this blog, so don’t count on me being around much. Project: Bookshelf will continue as scheduled. In the meantime, you should visit the Fearless Fifteeners, my debut group of YA and MG authors with first novels coming out in 2015, and enter the super awesome end of summer giveaway we are hosting. You might just win a copy of Gris Grimley’s Frankenstein and a piece of steampunk jewelry from me. Or you know, other less awesome things.

Until we meet again.

  1. And did not get murdered, as much as this sounds like the start of every horror movie ever.
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in which I bid NPR a fond farewell

You all are familiar with the beloved children’s classic Goodnight Moon, I trust.

Today, I would like to submit to you a derivative manuscript based on that story.

I call it “Goodbye NPR.”

Goodbye NPR, by Mackenzi Lee 

In the great big news room, there was a telephone, and big headphones, and a picture of Carl Kasell, not jumping over the moon. And there were three NPR producers sitting on swivel chairs.

Goodbye room…..

Goodbye big headphones…..


Goodbye editing bluff the listener tape…..

Goodbye tea……


Goodbye creepily life-like portrait of Carl Kasell in my cubicle…..


Goodbye cheapest sodas within a five mile radius….

Goodbye conference calls with the Subway Fugitive….

Goodbye sandwich Mondays…..


Goodbye NPR producers…..

Goodbye every magazine I could ever want…..


Goodbye creepy stairway….

Goodbye WBEZ building…..

Goodbye Navy Pier……


Goodbye NPR.


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